Ye Plans To Feature Homeless In Fashion Show


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The artist formerly known as Kanye West has his humanitarian cap on again as he plans to put on a fashion show with homeless people modeling the clothes. Which is kind of a full circle moment since Ye had been widely criticized and trolled for curating homeless looks on social media.

The idea was born in a meeting with founder of Skid Row Fashion Week; David Sabastian, while he was recording for his upcoming Donda 2 tape in LA’s Art District near Skid Row. The two discussed the possibility of a collab and fashion show, featuring Yeezy’s GAP line and Skid Row Fashion Week.Sebastian already donates a portion of the proceeds from his Skid Row line to help the homeless and the factory his line is made which works to employ the homeless.

Skid Row for anyone wondering; is a small neighborhood right next to downtown Los Angeles that is just under 3 sq. miles in size with a homeless population of anywhere from 4,000-8,000. As you can imagine it’s home to many artist due to its proximity to the Historic Core and Arts District of the city.
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Ideas to include homeless fashion and items found on Skid Row being used were also kicked around, including the possibility of a trash bag puffer jacket… which I personally would not be in favor of. I’m all for a repurposed look, but don’t dress them in literal trash man… unless it’s a poncho.

What do you think of Kanye and David Sabstian’s idea of employing homeless people as models?
(You should never miss an opportunity to say “artist formerly known as or formally known as” btw. both work in my book and it’s an elite introduction)

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