Why are so many rappers losing their life, or being shot due to gun violence???

Hip Hop has seen 4 high profile rap artists shot or killed in just 1 week!? Chicago rapper King Von was fatally killed outside of an Atlanta nightclub, Dallas rapper Mo3 was killed last week in a shooting incident on a Dallas freeway, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie (who signed Mo3 to his own record label), was shot after leaving Mo3’s candlelight vigil with non-life threatening injuries, and Buffalo, New York rapper Benny The Butcher was shot in the leg after a visit to a Houston Walmart, in a botched robbery attempt? This isn’t a new trend of violence in hip-hop, but the shootings are becoming more frequent targeted attacks and sometimes random. With all the “beefs” in hip-hop, the one thing that seems to be a core factor, is the code of the streets that come into the music genre. Some things are not supposed to be talked about on records, but “left in the streets.” Could it all be pure jealousy, or just this new age of “clout” by any means? We all know that negative press gets more attention than positive stories, but what happened to morality? Some people are blaming the pandemic for 2020’s most outrageous news stories, but where is the accountability for all these outlandish crimes and failed attempts for fame? No one should get hurt or jeopardize their freedom for “15 minutes of fame.” The sad part is…there is no 15 minutes. Just a blurb as time moves on, and history is either made for better, forgotten, or retold with no facts to support it. Tell us why you think there is so much violence in music and the world we live in? Hit us up @hiphopb965

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