Who knew? Knowing the correct spelling of your favorite rapper could win you some $$$MONEY!!!

Kennise Miller, a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune recently had an opportunity to win some money in a bonus round puzzle. The solved puzzle read as “Young Jock,” which referred to the rapper known for his song, “It’s Goin’ Down,” the only problem is that his name is spelled, “Young Joc.” One viewer tweeted the game show writing, “So I’m watching Wheel Of Fortune and the bonus puzzle was Young Jock that the lady couldn’t solve. If only it was spelled Yung Joc she would’ve got it.”  None the less, Kennise still walked away from the show with 28k in winnings and a trip to Maui. The Wheel of Fortune hasn’t spoke on the wrongly spelled name. Yung Joc posted on his Instagram story, viewer reactions to the incident. Tell us your thoughts?

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