What’s Your Top 5 Drake Videos?

The OVO megastar Drake celebrates his 32nd birthday today. It’s been a helluva year for Drizzy.Here’s my top 5 videos from the OVO king.. (in no particular order, of course)

#1 Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne – just because 2010 was a good year for me and we popped a lot of bottles to this banger..

#2 5AM in Toronto – first seen this, literally, around 5am one morning and the vibe stuck with me over the years.. 

#3 Started From The Bottom – beat many men at 2K with this anthem played in the background. It was only right to add to this list..

#4 Headlines – no need to explain.. 

#5 God’s Plan – listen, he gave away $1M simply shooting this video. No other explanation needed..

These are my top 5 Drake videos. Now, I want to know yours! Comment your favorite videos!



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