Use your POWER to VOTE!

With the primary election coming up on Tuesday 6.23.20 in Kentucky, Kentuckians need to use your right and power to vote! With the recent crisis of Covid-19 and protests that have spawned numerous crimes and very little change nationwide, this is your time to stand up and VOTE! All the things that you want for your family’s future and yourself is at stake if you choose to DO NOTHING! Talking falls on deaf ears many times and doesn’t bring about change, but you know what does??? People putting place in place to make that change and fight for the same things we all want and that is peace and happiness in whatever that is defined by you. Even if you’re a convicted felon, you can have your civil rights restored to go out and vote! Here’s a link! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! Bricks, bottles, rocks, knives and guns aren’t going to change “the system.” Our leaders are going to have to change this and say “enough is enough!” Lock up the criminals for crimes but DO NOT IGNORE the civil rights and inequalities of our country. If you have never voted, or you’re thinking about voting for the 1st time, here is a resource to do in quick and easy online: You can register here and receive your voter registration card or go to your local county clerk’s office. Change starts with THE PEOPLE who are going to come together to make that difference…use your power to make that CHANGE!

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