This Viral Doctor Wants You To Leave Your Groceries Outside FOR DAYS

Michigan doctor Jeffrey VanWingen posted a 13-minute video on safe grocery shopping…AND IT JUST GOT REAL.

He says you should think about the coronavirus like it’s glitter that’s all over your groceries.  “Your goal at the end of this is to not have any glitter in your house, on your hands, or especially on your face.”

And with the National Institutes of Health finding the virus can live on cardboard for a day and plastic and metal for three, how to best protect ourselves from that “glitter” while grocery shopping—which he says no one over 60 should be doing right now? For starters, leave your food outside for three days if you can.  He says leave them in your trunk, garage or back porch. If you can’t, there is a surgical sterlization technique he demonstrates.

You’ll want to sanitize a table and divide it in two, one side for the groceries you’ve brought in and the other to transfer them to once they’re sanitized. Use a household disinfectant spray or wipe on the exterior of plastic, metal, and glass packaging. Get rid of that outer packaging when possible (i.e., put your slices of bread or pretzels into tupperware, take bag of cereal out of the box and toss the box).

Fruits and vegetables should be submerged in soapy water and then individually scrubbed for 20 seconds.

If this all sounds … involved, VanWingen gets that. “But, in truth, these days people do have a bit more time on their hands.”



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