Stunned. Sadden. Devastated.

All words used to describe yesterday’s tragic shooting death of Nipsey Hussle. The 33 year-old was gunned down shortly after taking, what’s presumed to be, his final photo with a young fan.

The entertainment world has been sharing their emotions regarding Nipsey’s untimely passing:



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I remember this day clearly we were both at Puff crib on the humble. T shirt and basketball shorts both of us. It’s funny because I think we both started building with Puff around the same time. I recall playing you a few records and you playing me “Rap Niggas” before it dropped and I told you how much it resonated with me. You were always super solid and super humble, I’ve admired you since 2011 before my career even started. Regretful we never got to make that song we planned on but I am motivated now more than ever to carry on this real rap legacy in your honor and the many who have fallen. You have forever cemented in my mind that it’s a marathon not a sprint. I was literally just thinking to myself last week like damn I wanna go to The Marathon store just to be motivated and inspired by what you’ve done…. I still plan on making that trip. RIP NIP much love goes out to your friends & family 💔 & @diddy thanks for connecting us.

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As details begin to develop from this culture moving tragedy, #TeamB965 will continue to keep you up-to-date by the minute as new information is released.

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