The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of cheerleader for vulgar Snapchat rant!

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of ex-cheerleader Brandi Levy 8-1, in a decision that protects freedom of speech off of school grounds. Brandi was kicked off her junior varsity cheer team for using vulgar language on her social media page. Justice Stephen Breyer wrote an opinion that was joined by all of his colleagues, except Clarence Thomas. Breyer says “we can find no evidence in the record of the sort of ‘substantial disruption’ of a school activity or a threatened harm to the rights of others that might justify the school’s action.” Brandi Levy went on a “F-Bomb” rant, that got her kicked off the school cheer team. Ultimately, the issue in this case is what you can, or can’t say off campus, that may violate school policy. In this case, Brandi’s language is protected off of school grounds. Your thoughts? Let us know @hiphopb965 FREEDOM OF SPEECH WINS. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

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