The Extra-Day Leap Year To-Do List You Didn’t Know You Needed

We all know Leap Day should be an internationally recognized holiday…I mean nothing like an extra day to celebrate all things in extra (including you boo boo) right??? In reality, it’s just a addition the alleged inventors of the Gregorian calendar—the calendar I assume you along with most of the world use—deemed necessary to make up for the fact that the earth doesn’t actually take 365 days to circle the sun (it’s actually like 364.242, per Britannica). So every 4th year we are blessed…or cursed with a February 29th (depends on your outlook on life atm I suppose).

Friends, I’m thrilled to share that Leap Year 2020 happens to be a Saturday. EXTREMELY RARE. Praise be.

If Leap Day is also your B-day, you probably have plans to celebrate your 4th, 5th, or 6th official birthday you lucky son of a gun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way, but for those in need of things to accomplish during the extra 24 hours you get this year, boy do I have something for y’all.

Please behold this Cosmo inspo’d, comprehensive, thoroughly researched list of certified EXTRA things you should do on your extra day (get it?)

Buy cheese you can’t pronounce from the smelly section…that stench is wealth

  • Invest in a teeny-tiny tattoo literally no one can see.
  • Send that double text. (They might just be worth it this time!)

Pour a bottle of wine into a water bottle and drink it at the nail salon…the color is unimportant… let them see.

  • Go engagement ring shopping regardless of your relationship status, better to be prepared no?

Subscribe to Disney+ so you can binge Lizzie McGuire and all the classics your heart desires for the next month…or the rest of your life we won’t judge.

  • Post a bikini beach pic or one with the top popped off from literally three years ago. You still got it!
  • Slide into that famous but not unobtainable famous dream boat’s DMs… I BELIEVE IN YOU. Maybe not A-list, but C or D? Why not?

 Order an additional bowl of guac.

  • Get a savory and a sweet entree at brunch.
  • Pay someone to rid your ride of sad, dirty floors.

Definitely go with the bangs.

  • Book a keratin treatment.
  • Thank your college towels and sheets for their service and put them out of their misery. Honestly shame on you.

Order a venti under the name “Her” or “Him” because it suits your vibe

  • Convince Mommy to do your taxes.
  • Make out with the bae at a bar like they’re a hot rando.

And finally unfollow that guy or gal from high school trying to sell you stuff.


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