The City of Louisville is restricting access downtown before A.G. Cameron announcement!

Mayor Greg Fischer tweeted the City of Louisville’s plans to restrict access downtown in preparation of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement if charges will be brought against officers responsible in the death of Breonna Taylor? The Mayor says this is “due to increased attention and activity in anticipation of an announcement,” but this has protestors upset. Organizations and community leaders view the “preparation” as a sign of bad outcome for family and protestors hoping for not only the firing of the (3) officers involved, but an indictment of murder charges. Why would peaceful protestors need so many barricades and surrounding buildings boarded up, just for an announcement if there wasn’t bad or disappointing news to come? I guess we won’t know if this was a good or bad decision until an announcement is made, but for those who do not come in peace, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are tweets from Mayor Greg Fischer about restrictions and traffic plans:

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