Bullying is a growing problem in our country which can be damaging and traumatic, both physically and emotionally for the youth involved. It affects children starting in preschool and can last beyond high school and can take many forms.  It can lead to depression ,anxiety, eating disorders, and even thoughts of suicide.  Students may avoid attending school which can lead to academic issues as well

Cyber Bullying is bullying that occurs though digital mediums such as text messaging, email and or social media. As these mediums become more prevalent in the culture of children and teens, the number of incidents continue to increase. Like any other form of bullying it is distinguished by three elements:

Intent to harm another

Repeated hurtful and or aggressive behaviors towards another

A perceived imbalance  of power between the victim and bully, socially or physically

If you witness bullying you can have a positive impact by speaking up on behalf of the victim and informing a parent, teacher, or other trusted adult to help.  Encourage the victim to reach out for support and by being a friend.



Refuse to Give Bullies an audience …….Take action

Educate yourself so you can help show others in need that they are not alone.

Stop Bullying

Stop Cyber – Bullying

#StoptheBullKY …

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