Snoop Dogg Inducts Eli Manning Into Death Row for His Birthday

Last night on ESPN’s Monday Night Football Manning Cast, the brothers assembled a star studded lineup of guests, featuring Bill Cowher, league commissioner Roger Goodell, the legendary Snoop Dogg, and Aaron Rodgers to celebrate Pittsburg Steeler legend Big Ben’s retirement and more importantly Eli’s 41st birthday. They didn’t exactly have the most exciting game to watch seeing Ben and Baker Mayfield turn in all time stinkers on the field.

Never failing to save the day, Snoop Dogg’s feature in the 3rd quarter gave the fans what they really needed… Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the latest edition to Death Row Records; Eli Manning!-?

Snoop told Eli he will present him with the chain when he sees him and even went so far as asking the Manning brothers to adopt him during the show, after Peyton suggested that Eli wear it for the playoff game in a couple weeks.
Snoop has truly proven time and time again that there is no genre, no audience he can’t move in or be a part of. What would you like to see Snoop do next?

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