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Quality Control rapper Icewear Vezzo has just cemented his place in hip hop history.

According to Vezzo, he is the “first trapper to record a mixtape in a Rolls Royce.”

Naturally, Vezzo captured the moment for social media by posting, “recorded 3 songs in the back of my Ghost. I’m the first rapper to record a mixtape in a Rolls Royce.”

Fellow rappers like E-40, G-Herbo, and DJ Drama commented on Vezzo’s grind.

Police Says Instagram Post Tagging PnB Rock’s Location Was Possible Reason for Fatal Robbery

Police in LA are confirming that it was geo tagging that led to the death of PnB Rock.

  • However, it was not the fault of his girlfriend who he was with at Roscoe’s.
  • According to police PnB Rock had also given clues about his location that may have led to his death.
  • He was approached by a suspect inside of Roscoe’s who demanded  he hand over his jewelry and other valuables.
  • Police have now alerted pawn shops to be on the look out for the jewelry as it may lead them to the killer.