Should “essential workers” take the vaccine???

This is a non-stop topic during this current pandemic! There are 3 available vaccines…Pfizer, Moderna & Johnson & Johnson. How can the world heal unless everyone is vaccinated? With over half a million deaths from Covid 19, and numbers still climbing, how can we stop the spread of this deadly disease, and are we convinced that these vaccinations will work? Are we taking it out of fear, or scared to find out the end result of death if contracted and we don’t take it? A new poll shows that 75% of Americans think that teachers shouldn’t be forced to return to work until they are vaccinated! The poll also revealed that 68% of the country’s residents plan on getting vaccinated. What about the other 32% you ask? Even though the scale is higher in hopes for teachers to get vaccinated, the question remains…will teachers take it or not, and return to schools across this country to teach our kids? Let us know your thoughts???

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