Ok soooo this is how the story goes… looks like Rondo and his girl friend are the names to a 1 million dollar law suit. Earlier this year the 2 were in a heated argument with another woman going from 0 to 100 fist were thrown…  The reports mentioned a parking lot, where Rondo’s $300,000 worth Rolls Royce SUV was parked in the handicapped spot. Rondo was apparently unhappy that Jorshari’s vehicle was parked close to his luxury car, which turned into an argument where his girlfriend attacked the woman. The woman claims that she suffered several injuries as a result of the altercation and is accusing the couple of assault and battery.

She’s demanding $1 million in damages for emotional distress caused by the incident. Rondo’s lawyer has defended the claims and suggested that his client will not settle and will fight the case lawfully.