Adolph Thornton Jr. known by his stage name “Young Dolph” was laid to rest in a private funeral ceremony yesterday in Memphis, Tennessee. The service took place at St. James Missionary Baptist Church. 2 Chainz and several other artists attended this private home going. At the tender age of 36 years old, Young Dolph’s life was taken away from him, his family, friends and fans across the world. With success comes a dark side. That can be “haters”, the ups and downs of the music business, or even just everyday life struggles. Young Dolph seemed to be on the right path despite the obstacles that stood in his way like old beefs, or being successful and still not gaining the love and respect it took to get him there. Always showed love to his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee and despite his service of giving back to his community, he was killed not only in his neighborhood, but before his annual Turkey Drive in Memphis. It is so sad to see a young talented businessman be taken away from our community, because we need more “stand up” figures like him to take control of their destiny despite the odds that are stacked against you. Dolph will not only be missed by his fans for his music, but more importantly, the people he touched. Our condolences go out to his family, children, wife and those suffering. Rest in peace…Young Dolph!

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