President Biden meeting with G7 and NATO before Putin summit!

President Biden is taking his first trip abroad, to meet with other world leaders, and to promote “world democracy” as the new president. Some deem China as a new superpower threat to the U.S., as it challenges the riches and power of the world. The biggest mission of this trip, will be confronting  Russian leader Vladimir Putin about the meddling of the last 2 Presidential elections, and accountability for recent Russian cyberattacks on America. President Biden is being criticized for this visit abroad, because researchers say that the greatest threat to the U.S. comes from within the country! From the insurrection on January 6th, to the claims of voter fraud, the President has his job cut out for him. Biden told troops in England on Wednesday, that he wants to come face to face with Putin to “let him know, what I want him to know.” Let’s hope that these meetings get America back on track as the powerful nation it has become across the world, post world wars and Covid.

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