Post Malone Experiencing ‘Stabbing Pain’ & Postpones Show

  • After Post Malone took a horrible fall on stage recently, he had to postpone another show because he is experiencing ‘piercing pain’ as a result of his previous fall.
  • Post said, “Boston, I love y’all so fucking much. On tour, I usually wake up around 4 o’clock PM, and today I woke up to a cracking sound on the right side of my body.”
  • He continued, “I felt so good last night, but today it felt so different than it has before. I’m having a very difficult time breathing, and there’s like a stabbing pain whenever I breathe or move.”
  • He added, “We’re in the hospital now, but with this pain, I can’t do the show tonight. I’m so f**king sorry. Everyone’s tickets for tonight’s show will be valid for the reschedule that we’re planning right now. Once again, I’m so f**king sorry, I love y’all so much. I feel terrible, but I promise I’m going to make this up to you. I love you Boston, I’ll see you soon. I’m so sorry. – Love Austy.”
  • When was the last time you were involved in an accident? How long did it take for you to recover?