PnB Rock Tributes Pour In From the Hip-Hop & Music Community

  • Members of the hip hop community took to social media to express their grief over the loss of PnB Rock.
  • He was gunned down in LA while eating at a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle location.
  • PnB Rock is from Philly. His name represents the street he grew up on Pastorious & Baynton
  • Meek Mill wrote, sh– burnnnnneeedd my soul bad today
  • DJ Drama also from Philly, now calls Atlanta home wrote, when will it stop. My condolences to my brother’s family, his children and all his loved ones. Rest easy Rock, A Philly ni— who made it big taken from us too soon
  • AsianDa Brattt wrote, I remember like yesterday 2016 you was the first big artist to put me on. You did songs with me before  my deal….this hurts bro love you.
  • While some blame his girlfriend for geo tagging their location others say this is a sign of the times. What do you attribute his death to?


In Other PnB Rock News…


  • About a week before he was shot and killed, PnB Rock sat down and did an interview with DJ Akademiks.
  • PnB described criminals in LA as ‘bold.’
  • He shared a story about a time he, his girlfriend and their child were being followed.
  • He also said during the interview he was careful about going to places like nightclubs where he could fall prey to those living the gangster lifestyle.