Pfizer to meet with U.S. Officials about “booster shot!”

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer, is meeting with U.S. health officials about a request for a federal authorization of a third dose of its Covid 19 vaccine. The meeting is with the FDA, after Pfizer asserted that a booster shot would be needed within 12 months of the initial doses. This is drawing a lot of controversy for vaccinated people, and the non-vaccinated people who are looking for hope to get through this pandemic. Pfizer’s Dr. Mikael Dolsten told the Associated Press that early data suggests that the booster shot increases people’s antibody levels from 5 to 10 fold after a third dose in comparison to those who just had a second dose. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently didn’t rule out a booster shot, but says it’s too soon to recommend a second shot. The CDC and FDA pushed back last week against Pfizer’s assertion of this booster shot last week, by saying that they didn’t think it is necessary “at this time.” What are your thoughts? Hit us up @hiphopb965

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