BUT THE WORLD IS IN A FRENZY TODAY.. LIL NAS X DROPPED HIS NEW VIDEO.. “Montero.” The song, which features Lil Nas falling from the Garden of Eden to the pits of hell and giving Satan a lap dance, EVEN SNEAKERS CAME OUT WITH THIS VIDEO WHICH NIKE IS DENYING BEING IN BUSINESS WITH LIL NAS X BUT Joyner Lucas has entered the chat about Lil Nas X. He tweeted, that Lil Nas X video is wild but as an artist he doing everything he supposed to do…I doubt he actually worships the devil. He continues, I think the biggest problem for me is the fact he don’t understand ‘Old Town Road’ is every kids anthem. NOW LIL NAS X RESPONDS I literally sing about lean and adultery in ‘Old Town Road.’ U decided to let your child listen blame yourself. ARE WE DONE LETTING THE KIDS LISTEN TO OLD TOWN ROAD NOW.. I WANNA KNOW


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