The victim who has accused Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty of sexual assault, is now detailing the campaign she says is meant to silence her.

The victim is known as “Jennifer” and says associates of Nicki and Kenneth “harassed” her last year, even offering her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2020, “Jennifer” moved three times and her 22-year old daughter moved from New York just recently to avoid contact with the Pettys and their associates.  She says even her “family was willing to sacrifice her.”

“Jennifer” claims she was assaulted at knife-point in 1994 by Petty when they were both 16, however, Petty’s parents told “Jennifer’s” parents that they two were dating. “Jennifer’s” parents allowed Petty’s parents to go to the D.A. office to say they were her aunt and uncle.

It’s clear that “Jennifer” fears for her life, but do you think Nicki and Kenneth Petty are dangerously harassing her?