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What’s popping good people?

It’s your friendly neighborhood @nappynatti back again with the vibes of course!

A little something for both hip hop & r&b, ladies and lads, because you got to know I’m all about balance.

Ladies first of course; I know we touched on the video before but Lipstick Lover and it’s VISUALS basically gave me no other choice but to do a deep(er) dive into the tape… As expected vibes were high and shorty did not play showing her range as an artist while keying on themes of self-love, expression, and inclusion over a different flavor of beat than we’re used to… hints of reggae, dancehall, and jazz highlight the tape with the funky flair you’d have to attribute to any Janelle project. It’s definitely worth the spin and thats coming from an island boy by birth.



Last for the second edition of NNT but certainly not least is an ode to International Natti; let’s go on a little grime adventure! Hot off the presses is a short and sweet EP, Split Decisions by Dave and Central Cee. Lot’s of bars is all I really have to say, but I play and watch a lot of soccer and if you do too you HAVE to listen to this tape it’s not an option. The must spin song for everyone is Sprinter…music video featured at the top of the blog.



Just in case you missed the first edition… I won’t leave you hangin. I wanted to start with something that told y’all a little bit about me and I figured what better way to do that than a song with nods to places and people that mean a lot to me.


If you don’t know, Mockingbird Valley is one of Louisville’s longest standing soccer clubs. They also have the nicest indoor footy facility in town with leagues for all ages. So not only do I recommend this because its by the Louisville legend that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing grow and work since high school… but because Mockingbird Valley conjures up memories like these:


The second blessing was my early bid for soundtrack of the summer featuring a heavy dose of beats & bars;

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