It takes a certain caliber of man to even be seen with Meg, and if we’re basing our opinion on the internet, G-Eazy is not acceptable.
Social media was in flames when a story posted to Insta showing G-Eazy smooching Megan’s cheek went viral almost immediately. The reactions were hilarious but none of us could believe what we had just seen. Then Gerald added more gas to the flames when he posted a photo of her to his Instagram.


The posts had everyone reacting and talking about it but one person in particular that stands out, Yasmin Wijnaldum; G-Eazy’s rumored boo. Once the supermodel saw the story, she began responding with her own subliminal posts featuring some applicable Nicki lyrics and a gif of her lauging. Wouldn’t be the first time apparently since word on the street is he cheated on Halsey on a few occasions… After letting us have our fun, mostly at G-Eazy’s expense, Megan took to Twitter to clear things up. Writing, “lol alright now, y’all got all y’all jokes out but I am not f- G Eazy.”

The video did appear quite zesty, do you think Gerald is up to no good again or were they just shooting a music video?

Honestly I’m not sure which would be worse

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