Source: YouTube

Recently, Megan Thee Stallion appeared to take shots at Nicki Minaj on her new track called ‘Hiss,’ which triggered an immediate response from Nicki.

Now, Meg is clarifying who the bars were aimed at, and she is giving more insight on this rumored feud.

She said to The Breakfast Club, “It’s for these b**ches and hoes, b**ches and hoes alike, men or women. Every time one of these motherf**kers uses Megan Thee Stallion name, they get 24 hours of attention.”

She continued, “Basically, I understand what y’all doing, and I want y’all to get up off me. Use something else. Do something different. Use another tactic. This one getting old.”

She added, “I’m saying, a hit dog gon’ holler. That’s it. Whoever feel it, feel it.”