Mega Millions Grows To 1.35 Billion!?

What could you do with 1.35 Billion Dollars? This is the 2nd largest ever jackpot! Would you donate to charity, pay off your bills, buy a new home, move? I’m sure the plans would be limitless, but think of the winners who get their yearly allotted payment, and don’t survive to see the the rest of their winnings and what happens after they are deceased? One of the top things to do after winning is to set up a trust fund, take a lump sum, and pay your taxes! This won’t guarantee you from not going broke, but it may give a winner a future beyond initial lavish spending like many early on winners! Statistics show that 70 % of winners that have won $500 million or $1 million, spend it, or lose it all within 5 years! Be smart and invest low risk. You can win BIG, but most people LOSE IT after a few short years.

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