Master P could be the next coach of the New Orleans Pelicans?????

Hip-Hop mogul, icon and entrepreneur Master P, is seeking to be the first hip-hop celebrity, to become the head coach of a NBA team…The New Orleans Pelicans! According to a recent interview with TMZ, Master P said “They gotta do something different, unique. You look at Tim Tebow, they brought him to play as a tight end because they looking at times is changing. The NBA is entertainment. I think it’s time for me to be the first hip-hop coach because [of] what I know as basketball. I played in the NBA, I done coached a lot of great players that are in the league. I done took my sons from being high school athletes to maybe they’ll be the next future big-time pro athletes. I coached DeMar DeRozan, a lot of great players.”  One of the advantages that Master P has, is that he has played professional basketball with the Charlotte Hornets, and is a native to the community. The runner-up for the position is Chauncey Billups. Here is another reason that Master P gave for why he is fitting for the job…“We’ll win with Zion and be happy, [playoffs] and everything. I feel like it’s motivating the players and understanding them,” says P. He’s also up for taking the assistant coach position and “work his way up.”  Does Master P have a point and a chance? Let us know @hiphopb965

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