Our list below includes only the critical violation information from inspections in the third quarter of 2019 and does not always include follow-up information, which might reflect an improved score.

The list below tells the restaurant name, address, letter grade and score. Explanations of the violations are listed by bulletpoint.

A&W Root Beer/Long John Silvers, 8315 Preston Highway

Grade: C/90

• Food not maintained at 5 C (41 F) or below. Cut tomatoes, cut leafy greens, salmon, hot dogs and various items holding between 51 F and 54 F.

• Sewage and waste water not disposed of in an approved manner. Dishwasher.

• Presence of insects.

Arby’s, 12933 Shelbyville Road

Grade: C/95

• Food not maintained at 5 C (41 F) or below. Tossed salads and Grade A dairy milk. Discarded.

Biscuit Belly, 900 E. Main St.

Grade: C/93

• Food-contact surfaces not cleaned and sanitized. The approved sanitizing solution for manual/mechanical ware-washing is not at the proper concentration. Zero parts per million chlorine while actively ware washing during inspection. Corrected.

• Food not maintained at 5 C (41 F) or below. Goat cheese 49-50 F. Corrected.

Bonnie & Clyde’s Pizza, 7611 Dixie Highway

Grade: C/92

• Presence of insects.

Buckhead Mountain Grill, 3020 Bardstown Road

Grade: C/89

• Raw chicken held at 51-55 F, cold cuts held at 46-51 F, salad- cut greens at 67 F.

Captain D’s, 3801 Oaklawn Drive

Grade: C/94

• Chemical bottle stored next to food. Corrected.

• Presence of insects.

Coals Artisan Pizza, 3724 Frankfort Ave.

Grade: C/87

• Dish machine not sanitizing. Three-compartment sink is to be utilized to wash, rinse, and sanitize until dish machine can maintain free chlorine level between 50-100 parts per million.

• Foods not held at or below 41 F. All foods quarantined and discarded.

Dairy Queen, 4137 Taylor Blvd.

Grade: C/93

• Lettuce, tomato, cheese and lunch meat at 50 F. Food voluntarily discarded.

Joella’s Hot Chicken, Mobile Unit

Grade: C/92

• Need hot water at hand sink.

Legends Bar And Grill, 2523 W. Broadway St.

Grade: C/86

• Label all toxic items as to their contents.

• Sewage and waste water not disposed of in an approved manner. Repair broken drain line to bar sink, draining to floor.