Local Man Volunteers To Have Arteries Clogged By Frosting

One brave soul has decided to donate his living breathing body to science… the science of sweetness.
In hopes of achieving a livelong goal of infinite sweetness, a local man dares to go where no other has before and inject sweet sugary bliss in the form of frosting straight into his veins.

It’s me… I’m the local man and it must be said that I will only allow one type of frosting.

The acceptance being limited to Cinnabon’s Signature Frosting is a supremely important caveat to my cause. No other can compare and no other deserves to be coursing through my veins as I transcend to my euphoric sugary new existence. I will finally be one with Cinnabon frosting.

That’s right people, this is not a drill! Cinnabon Signature Frosting in a pint variant is back people. Available for a limited time at select bakeries nationwide and also on the Cinnabon app for pickup or delivery. You may not take their motto “life needs frosting” as seriously as I do… but it’ll still add that perfect sweet touch in the sweetest time of year… when just about everyone allows it!

Finally, if anyone would like to help or join me in injecting frosting directly into my veins feel free to reach out on my socials @nappynatti please and thank you. I would like to do so as medically rationally as possible… maybe an IV drip?

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