Recently, Lil Yachty addressed the infamous beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar and shared how disappointed he was at how many people were targeting Drake. Yachty said, “I think Drake has dealt with that s**t since the beginning of time. He’s always not truly been liked.” He continued, “It’s unfortunate. I really wish it was only Drake and Kendrick. It kinda seemed like when Kendrick came out and was like ‘I hate this n***a’ everyone was like finally like, ‘I hate him too.’ Which is kinda p***y. It was a really good battle. I think that we’ll never get something like that again.” He added, “I think it’s over. I think it ended with ‘Not Like Us.’ It’s a banger.”

Do you think Drake should have focused more on battling Kendrick Lamar than everybody else? Why or why not?