In 2019….Lil Nas X, surprised the music world by releasing his hit country/hip hop song “Old Town Road” and taking the world by storm! After the initial Billboard backlash, then remix success with the help of Billy Ray Cyrus, he just released his 1st EP titled “7” on Columbia Records. Now 183 million Youtube streams later and plenty of concerts in his future, he shocked the world again by announcing he was gay? Do we care only because he is a rapper in a male dominant genre of music that portrays the rough lifestyles of where this music was born and originates, or is it acceptable to know about your favorite artists personal gender preference? I don’t think it should be anyone’s business, but in this digital age, lifestyle outside of what your profession is, could be big business!? I think fear can either drive or motivate you in this world, or it will ultimately scare you from being “great!” I think it was a good move for Lil Nas X if he’s overcome his fears, but the biggest hurdle in the music business is being bigger than your last hit! Join in on the conversation and let us know what you think?

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