Leaked Super Bowl Ads 2020

With the “Big Game” quickly approaching it’s no surprise that loads of the highly anticipated advertising for the broadcast is already popping up. So far, 35 advertisers have pre-released or leaked  teasers, or even the full versions of their commercials to create a little buzz and increase chances of going viral this weekend. Routinely drawing more than 100 million viewers, the Super Bowl is one of the few major broadcast events to draw blockbuster ratings amid dwindling viewership due to streaming services like Hulu & Netflix.

Here are some of the ads that have been teased or released early!

Planters’ Mr. Peanut

One of the higher profile teasers to drop was that of Planters’ Mr. Peanut. There are rumors that the Kraft Heinz brand is taking a pause and considering its next step for the Mr. Peanut saga due to the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, according to The Wall Street Journal. The current teaser shows the iconic character sacrificing himself (and presumably dying in a mountainside explosion) to save the lives of actors Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes.


Porsche’s big game spot; “The Heist,” features an extremely lit racing scene in which nearly a dozen Porsche models zip through Germany. An extended version of the ad was released on Jan. 24.


Bud Light

The beer giant was asking fans to vote on two potential Super Bowl ads through January 30. Both feature rapper Post Malone who, in the first walks into a store intent on buying Bud Light until he sees the seltzer. This sets off a fight between two men inside his head who represent his emotions about which one to choose, before a woman weighs in: “Guys, guys, we are incredibly rich. Let’s get both.” We’ll just have to see which won out! Below are the two ads, #PostyStore and #PostyBar.




Doritos is tapping smash country or rap or countrap hit “Old Town Road” to persuade consumers to cop Cool Ranch-flavored chips. The ad features Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus and actor Sam Elliott engaging in a dance battle in an old western themed setting.


The Korean automaker is already getting attention for its humorous and star-studded ad for the new Sonata with remote smart-parking explained by Boston celebrities such as actors Chris Evans and John Krasinski, who lean heavily on their Beantown accents for humor. As the ad describes it, Hyundai’s “Smaht Pahk” is hoping to leave a memorable impression.


To check out the full list of released and leaked Super Bowl spots click here.

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