Kim Kardashian is speaking out about her divorce with Kanye West!

After 14 years and 20 seasons, it looks like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is coming to an end, and Kim Kardashian talks about her struggles being married, and what led her to divorce. On the finale episode of KUWTK, Kim revealed several reasons led to her divorce. She reveals this while talking to her mother Kris Jenner on the show. Kim says that going to therapy to”work on herself,” made her realize that as she turned 40, she wasn’t happy a “majority of the time.” Other things like living a life of “extravagance” and having “no one to share life” led to her decision. There were other factors, but living separate from her husband, was something that she once viewed as good for having time apart from one another, and realized that it wasn’t making her happy. Making matters worse, the media coverage of KUWTK grand finale show was met with the rumored news of Kanye West dating Bradley Cooper’s ex Irina Shayk this week. Timely or untimely promotion for Kim or Kanye, the world is watching this divorce play out in real time. Catch the final episode of KUWTK…a must watch!

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