Source: YouTube

An immersive experience of Jack Harlow’s tour of his home state of Kentucky, which came to an end earlier this month, is being made available to fans through a collaboration between Meta and Jack Harlow.

The spectators will not only be able to get an up-close look at live performances, but they will also have the opportunity to watch footage from backstage and behind the scenes through the use of virtual reality.

Harlow said, “At some point last year I realized how much of my home state I’ve never seen. I suddenly got this urge to take a tour bus across Kentucky with all my childhood friends. So that’s what we did.”

He continued, “Six shows in different towns across the state, with the final stop being in Lexington. We decided my first show at the historic Rupp Arena was the perfect moment to capture in VR. Enjoy.”

This VR experience from Jack Harlow will be out on January 4th of next year.

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