B96.5 is proud to present Jack Harlow’s “Mission Tour” at Old Forester’s Paristown Hall! The 1st of 2 shows starting on 11/29 and the second on 11/30 Thanksgiving weekend! I was present for the 1st show last night and….man it was amazing! Aside from the digital wall presentation and the lighting setting the tone, this is Jack’s 1st performance in the venue! The crowd was warmed up early with myself (DJ Q) and DJ Woo hyping the crowd as the doors opened. The show opener AllBlack did his thing and viral sensation Druski2Funny set the stage before Louisville’s star came out to shine! Jack took the crowd back to his early beginnings but also gave the crowd a few “guest” surprises (that I won’t spoil) before tonight’s SOLD OUT SHOW! Jack was able to weave in and out from new to old material and bring the “Confetti” to this homecoming party! If you’re lucky enough to go or even get in…IT’S WORTH IT! Jack’s last Date for the tour is in Nashville, Tn. December 1st…don’t miss it!

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