Is There Really Such A Thing As Cancel Culture?

Can a person REALLY be cancelled in today’s world? Prime example, Morgan Wallen had his music removed from radio stations and made a public apology following his public incident of using the “N” word in a viral video. It looked, and seemed to take a bite into his career for a short period of time, but he has since bounced back! The country singer recently recorded a song with Chicago rapper Lil Durk (“Broadway Girls”, and just like that…HE’S BACK on top of the music charts!? Is this because he’s been forgiven by a culture that tried to cancel him, or is it because he has enough admiration for the hip-hop culture, that fans looked past his offensive mistake and the music is bigger than the racial act of using derogatory words? In a recent Clubhouse interview, Morgan Wallen told interviewer Druski, that he is a big fan of hip-hop and would like to work with Moneybagg Yo, his favorite rapper. Even though Morgan Wallen used the term amongst his friends and not directly to a person of a particular race, should he be canceled? Like it or not, he’s back on the music charts! Tell us what you think?

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