Here’s Why Nicki Minaj Is Trending On Twitter This Week

  • There has been an ongoing feud between Nicki’s fans, “The Barbz” and cultural commentator Kimberly Nicole Foster on Twitter.
  • The messiness started on September 12 when Foster tweeted that Nicki Minaj is a “horrible person,” prompting the Barbz to come at her with online threats.
  • Foster has taken at least one person to task for multiple instances of attempted doxxing and death threats, which she documented. Foster is considering legal action in response to the threats made by fans.
  • Foster posted several screenshots and voice mails she received from the Barbz detailing the harassment and threats like, “I will mvrder your whole family” and “can’t wait to see your face when I shoot your building up.” Foster deleted some of the posts due to the texts containing phone numbers.
  • Foster shared evidence of Nicki’s liking some of the Barbz’s threatening posts. Do you think artists should be held responsible for how their fans react online?