Gucci Mane Could’ve Been In BMF, But “He’s A Robber!”

Many stories are circulating throughout the music industry about Big Meech and his brother Southwest T even more so with the success of the STARZ Network hit series “BMF,” but with all the crazy stories and affiliates within their crime syndicate, there is a tale that rapper Gucci Mane could have once been a part of the conglomerate, but Big Meech thought he was bad for business because he was a known “robber.” Gucci Mane reportedly wanted to join BMF and was rejected by Big Meech. In a recent interview, Bleu Davinci said, “Gucci’s a street n**ga. He just be outside all the time and s**t. Gucci was like a part-time jack boy, part-time dope dealer, and part-time rapper. Gucci was a slash man. I knew Gucci before I knew Jeezy.” He continued, “Gucci used to always be in the club, on the wall looking at n**gas with a drink in his hand with his hat down, trying to get him a victim. Meech knew him.” He added, “He was cool, and he used to try to get down with the mob, but Meech was telling n**gas like, ‘Nah man, this n**ga be out here robbing n**gas and s**t. We can’t have no n**gas that’s known robbers.'”

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