Grand Jury recordings in Breonna Taylor case finally released!

The recordings that lead to only 1 of 3 officers being indicted in the Breonna Taylor case, have finally been released to the public, attorneys and family of Breonna Taylor! This comes 2 weeks after Brett Hankison was the only officer charged on 3 counts of wanton endangerment on a neighbors apartment next to Breonna Taylor’s, and not Breonna Taylor herself? Attorneys asked to hear what prosecutors presented to the grand jury, because there seems to be inconsistencies with the case. Over 15 hours of recorded audio has been released! The recordings were supposed to released days earlier, but the Kentucky Attorney general had to protect the names of the “secret grand jury” from being released before the recordings were made public. One juror says that they want to break their silence, but wants to make sure they are protected by law to do so in this case. As far as the biggest findings in the recordings…it looks like Kentucky Attorney General didn’t make any recommend charges against the officers, which is causing the controversy behind the charges. Cameron said in a statement on Friday, that “it is unusual for a court to require the release of the recordings.” Cameron’s office complied “so the truth can be heard!” Legal analysts are saying that this was strategic on Cameron’s part to not have his recommendations recorded.

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