After seeing this interview, it make me want to hold Azriel herself more accountable for the predicament she’s in. I know in this country minors are not allowed to consent for their selves when it comes to sexual encounters  with  adults, but where should we as a society draw the line? If what the parents are saying is true, I sympathize with the position they where put in. I’m not saying I just would let my child go on tour, but their explanation makes more since. Once your child has proven themselves to be suicidal, your almost at the mercy of the child’s threats. I wouldn’t know what do if I was in their shoes… I believe suicidal people need professional help. Instead of receiving that type of help, this child got involved with a potential sexual predator. It sounds like the perfect storm. Now that you’ve heard Azriel’s parents perspective, does this news alter any of your opinions about the whole situation??

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