Fivio Foreign Crowns Chris Brown As The New Michael Jackson!?

Fivio Foreign recently crowned Chris Brown as the new Michael Jackson…what are your thoughts? I mean Chris Brown has been on the music charts since his 2007 debut, but is it his musical chart success, or is he the total package (singing, dancing & acting)? This question has been coming up ever since Michael Jackson’s untimely death in 2009, and the debate continues…who is today’s greatest entertainer? The most recent debate started because producer London on the Track tweeted the question, who is the closest to Michael Jackson of our generation? Fivio Foreign responded, Chris Brown. This honestly isn’t earth shattering news as Chris Brown and Beyonce have been the names thrown around for years as protege’s of MJ. Who would you say is the closest to Michael Jackson? Hit us up and let us know your thoughts @hiphopb965

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