Everybody Hates Chris Returning To TV???

If you’re a fan of Chris Rock…and you’ve followed him over the years from his stand-up specials, to film and tv series (Everybody Hates Chris), well he’s making a comeback to television with a re-boot of “Everybody Hates Chris, except in a cartoon version!? Chris Rock’s Everybody Hates Chris is being reimagined as an animated series titled, Everybody Still Hates Chris. It has been picked up by both Paramount+ and Comedy Central. Chris is back as the narrator and executive producer. The series will continue to get its inspiration from Chris Rock’s real life teenage years. It is unknown if any of the original characters will return to voice their own characters. Should the animated series move forward with the original voices or new voices or maybe a combination of both? Tyler James Williams’ voice has definitely changed since the series first aired. This may be even funnier as a cartoon depending on the content and images. What do you think? Let us know @hiphopb965

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