Ok, Eminem and Joyner are lyrical hip-hop giants and to think they would troll the internet, and release a song with this title, really makes you wonder if it is art or entertainment? This seemed to be another one of Eminem’s bad jokes at first, but after searching the web and hearing a snippet of the song, it could either be a song lyric or a song title. Not judging either artist for their creativity, but the rap shenanigans for likes and attention are just plain out of control. “Classic” albums and songs aren’t even based on feeling and impact anymore, it’s how many units did it move!? Prime example…Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road!” Is it really a “classic” or a song that impacted hip-hop culture in this evolution of hip-hop? The style of of rap and the song has been done before i.e. Shawn Brown “Rappin’ Duke.” Culture shock 30 years ago! Ironically, Lil Nas X came out to the world and was accepted for his lifestyle. This isn’t a question about Eminem or Joyner Lucas being gay, do you think they’re trolling??? If you’re able to find a snippet of it on the internet, give it a listen! Let us know?

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