Source: YouTube

Drake has addressed the backlash over painting his nails and admitted that Lil Yachty advised him to paint his nails in order to quit biting them.

Drake released a photo collage of his recent daily activities on Instagram on Friday, including his performance at the Chicago stop of his It’s All a Blur Tour.

He captioned the collage, “I don’t mind that we don’t talk Rather be in your thoughts Rather be on top of your list of “what ifs” and not your list of “and what nots.”

Yachty commented on the post, “Boy got them heavy hangers in his ear.”

Drake replied, “GET OUT MY COMMENTS YOU TOLD ME TO PAINT MY NAILS SO I STOP BITING THEM AND NOW THE WORLD IS BEING HOMOPHOBIC FOR THE 1st TIME SINCE RICH FLEX, which wasn’t that long ago now that I think about it…wait is the world homophobic? Smh.”

Yachty added, “Woo-sah brother, your not supposed to have these episodes in public, it’s fine. They just don’t get u bro #UDIFFERENTAF [!!]”

What do you think about the new trend of men painting their nails?