International Drizzy is at it again!

After Drake posted Naja’s own Oxlade on his story late last year, it helped his streaming numbers exponentially and immediately… I mean Ox literally racked up 3 million in the 24 hours it was up. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria the afrobeat artist has been on the rise since the pivotal shoutout brought him to almost all of Drizzy’s fanbase.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Oxlade talked about what it was like to see Drake sharing his track “Away” late last November and said, “It felt special. He screenshotted the song on Apple Music, and he posted it on his Instagram story. Ever since then, it’s been really crazy for me.”

“I had three million streams the next day. Extra, that’s the Drake effect, man. Everybody needs the Drake effect.” With collaboration in mind, he added, “I obviously hit him up. I thanked him and everything.”

You can’t even deny that Drake has more than just a magic touch when it comes to the culture  anymore… Whether it be good or bad the fabled Drake Co-sign, known as the curse to many, has seen many artists, brands, and even team’s and their fan bases fortunes change in arguably life altering fashion. There can be no more debate, if that man posts you, your favorite athlete, or him, in or with your favorite team’s gear… buckle up, because you’re in for an emotional 24 hours… or decade in some (blue) cases lol

If you could get a co-sign from an artist, who would it be? Do you believe in the Drizy Curse?

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