DJ Khaled is the latest guest on the Drink Champs podcast. He told NORE that the song Wild Thoughts originally only had Bryson Tiller’s vocals. When Rihanna got on the track it changed the pitch so that means Bryson had to re-do his vocals to match Rihanna’s. Khaled said he told Bryson and he said ‘no problem.’ Problem was Bryson goes M-I-A and the album is coming out in two weeks. He said Bryson had an album coming out around the same time and was not picking up Khaled’s call. Khaled went to his house and sat out front of Bryson’s gate flashing his car lights and honking his horn. Bryson comes out, they open the gate. I was already climbing the gate. You think I’m playing? Ask them, call them. Get their version, it might be more intense. What is the craziest thing you’ve done for your job? Do we believe Khaled was actually climbing a gate?

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