Diddy’s Mystery Babymama Revealed!!!???

Diddy aka Sean Combs, recently announced news of a new child? His brand new baby girl named “Love Sean Combs” was born October 15, 2022, but no one seemed to know who the mystery woman was until now as being reported by TMZ https://www.tmz.com/2022/12/12/diddy-daughter-baby-mama-dana-tran-cyber-security-specialist/? She has been identified as 28 year old Dana Tran, a cyber security worker in Southern California. This comes as big news as Diddy is dating Yung Miami of the City Girls!? The news was announced via his social media on 12/10/22, and the mother of the child has since deleted her account. This is Diddy’s 7th child. “Diddy” is now a “Daddy” again, maybe this will switch back to his old moniker “Puff Daddy?” Thoughts? Hit us @hiphopb965

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