Source: YouTube

Recently, Al B. Sure made a bold claim about Diddy allegedly being responsible for his coma a few years ago and plans to team up with 50 Cent and reveal this in a new documentary.

Al said, “Finally, we’re going to produce the Al B. Sure! life story so hold on to your britches and you’ll really understand how I ended up in a coma. You’re really gonna need to call Homeland Security.”

Reportedly, 50 Cent has reached out to Al B. Sure to work with him on this documentary against Diddy, whom Al feels tried to keep him away from his son, Quincy.

Earlier, Al B. Sure reacted to Diddy’s homes being raided and said, “#LettertoMySon! Come Home. The [door emoji] is wide open. You’re safe here son! I Love you, Popz, Your Biological [fist emoji].”

Why do you believe that Diddy might have had something to do with Al B. Sure’s coma?

Who can stop 50 Cent! Is 50 doing too much with the whole documentary FOR aL b sURE YES OR NO! 

At this point I think 50 cent might be a little jealous Diddy was able to pull his baby mama.. It’s giving bitter baby daddy!