The pre-hearing for the shooting incident is involving the two superstars Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion took place yesterday in Los Angeles garnering enough grounds for the actual trial will begin next year in January. The details continue to roll out and just get juicier and juicer especially if you’re one of those Law and Order or CSI super fans like my ex.

First reported by TMZ, An LAPD Det. Ryan Stogner took the stand Tuesday to testify that Lanez shouted, “Dance b****, dance!” while shooting  at the ground near Megan, eventually hitting her in the foot, and that Meg told him that Tory was intoxicated at the time. This detail being wild in itself, wouldn’t be the only development.

According to another witness, Meg and a former friend Kelsey, had allegedly gotten into an altercation before anything involving Tory even began. This other witness claims to have seen the shooting actually take place AND that the gun’s muzzle went off closer to Kelsey, not Tory… Alright now I even have broken out my detective cap.


Tory’s lawyer, Shawn Holley,  said, that bit of information is “corroborated by the gunshot residue found on the other female’s hands. It was further established that Megan gave several inconsistent accounts of what happened that night and that she omitted key information to the police.”

Referring to the fact that Meg didn’t tell police that she had even been shot fearing that if she mentioned a gun being involved, Tory’s life would be in danger. To be fair this was only a month after George Floyd had been killed. Holley would go on to say, “We look forward to the opportunity to cross-examine her at trial about the numerous inconsistencies in her story.”

Do you think Tory or Meg are lying? Do you think Meg’s former friend had something to do with this rather than Tory?

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