That tough-guy stuff is going to get DaBaby put behind bars. We all saw the brawl that happened with DaBaby and Brandon Bills (DaniLeigh brother) at Corbin Bowl in Topanga, CA. We’ll look like Brandon is taking it to trial and is pursuing to sue DaBaby after that beat down.

Remember this all started with DaBaby falling out with Dani and kicking her out of his house, Brandon made an IG video saying that he would put hands on DaBaby and this will be on sight… Now, for every action there is going to be a reaction, when you say things like that, what do you think is going to happen when we grace each other presents? From the footage, DaBaby went straight to throwing hands, which led to his boys jumping in and made Brandon srub the ground as if he was the missing feature and the new Quavo and Yung Miami song.

Brandon is now suing DaBaby for assault, battery, emotional distress and negligence.

DaBaby’s already claimed it was self-defense and he’s been banned from the bowling alley, Corbin Bowl, in Topanga, CA.

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